Current Candidates

There’s always an election on the horizon in South Carolina. In 2020, South Carolina will vote on one United States Senator, all seven United States House Representatives, all members in both chambers of the South Carolina State House, and many school board and County offices.

Currently, South Carolina is ranked 44th among 50 states with respect to the number of women in elected office, with no women in the US Senate, US House, or statewide office.  It’s time for women to come forward in great numbers to reach a critical mass of representation – in media, in corporations, and in government.  

Learn more about opportunities to run for office, information about requirements for each office, filing information, and more.  We will keep you informed of training programs, consultants, and opportunities to volunteer on campaigns.     

If you have announced your candidacy and would like to be listed as a person who aligns with the values of SC Women in Leadership, please complete this form.  Know someone who should run?  Tell us about her here

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