Create Positive Change in Your Community

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There are many civic leadership styles from voting, volunteering, serving on a board or commission, speaking up at a town hall, or publishing an op-ed. Through this interactive virtual workshop, you will learn civic and leadership tools to help you become a civically engaged and active participant in your community. We want to help you find what works for you and provide you with resources to become your type of civic leader in a safe, fun, and accessible space.
In the workshop we:
           Identified personal challenges and found strategies to solve them through a civic engagement lens
           Discussed the importance of citizen participation to solve local issues and strengthen democracy
Topics addressed during the workshop included: Civics, civic engagement, advocacy, community organizing, volunteering, running for local office, local leadership. No previous knowledge about the topics is required; this is an introductory workshop for all people interested in civic engagement at a local level.

Use the links below to see the resources used in the workshop: 
Presentation Slides
Identifying Issues Worksheet

Below is the recording of the Create Positive Change in Your Community workshop on January 27, 2021. Under the video, you’ll find information on the event facilitator and panelists. 

Event Facilitator: Vashti Rutledge, AIT Fellow 

Vashti is the Senior Director of Community Engagement for the Center for Closing the Health Gap. A Cincinnati nonprofit working to eliminate health disparities by empowering, engaging and advocating along-side community members. Prior to joining The Health Gap, Vashti launched and led the Cincinnati site for the Family Independence Initiative, a national nonprofit that trusts and invests directly in families so they can achieve prosperity for themselves and their community. Previously she served as Program Officer at the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County and Program Associate at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where she gained substantial experience in philanthropy and the non-profit funding with a focus on children, families, and vulnerable populations. Her experience working directly with nonprofits to provide funding, technical assistance and capacity building support gave her insight into the challenges communities face working with inadequate access to social and financial capital.

Today, she has deepened her commitment to change starting in her hometown of Cincinnati by working alongside the Cincinnati community and empowering others to be the change agents to transform their health, lives, and community. Vashti is committed to leveraging her voice and position to advocate for bringing community voices and asset-based engagement into programs and services to achieve more equitable outcomes. She spends her free-time laughing with and chasing after her beautiful daughter.


Ashley Wimberly
Dorchester 2 School Board

Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges
Executive Director, Latino Communications CDC  

Christa Williams
President, The Rural South Carolina Project
Founder, #IVoteTooCampaign

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