Why a Circle of Women?

Filling the pipeline to leadership with qualified women must start at the ground level. We cannot expect women to overcome institutional, socio-economic, and cultural barriers to leadership without first building the confidence, networks, and skill sets to do so.

Circles challenge and champion women in attaining their leadership goals whether they want to run for office, apply for an appointed state or local board or commission, support others running for office, rise up the ranks professionally, or develop leadership skills to create change within their local communities.

WIL has formal partnerships with All In Together and the Center for Women and Politics to provide virtual training and professional development for the duration of 2021 at no cost to SC WIL participants due to the pandemic. We also partner with the League of Women Voters,  NAACP, Richland Library, SC Association of Counties, Urban League, and Wall Street Journal and have alliances with more than 20 other local affiliate organizations that share a commitment to diversity and empowering women to lead. Through these partnerships, we increase the expertise in addressing barriers to leadership women face and expand the reach of our collective resources.

Increasing the voice and participation of women in leadership promotes gender equality and strengthens democratic institutions. Women in government work in more collaborative bipartisan ways, employ a more democratic leadership style, are more effective at building coalitions and reaching consensus. Women speak up more in the interest of reducing poverty and making their local communities stronger and healthier.

Great women leaders can transform their communities and our state.

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