What’s a Circle of Women?

Each Circle is a tight-knit group of 8-12 women who typically meet once a month at any time that works for the group. Circles challenge and champion women in attaining their personal, professional, and political leadership goals. Every Circle is built on three pillars: confidentiality, communication, and commitment.

To increase racial and gender representation of women in leadership, we encourage informal and often overlooked women leaders in the community to flex and grow their leadership skills by serving as Circle Coordinators and individual Circle Leaders.

The SC WIL Lean In Circles of Women network is organized into nine geographic regions across South Carolina. Each region is represented by a Circle Coordinator with administrative support from SC WIL. Circle Coordinators recruit Circle Leaders and spread the word about Circles in their geographic area.

SC WIL has five types of Circles: Geographic, Professional, Interest, Collegiate, and Civic. Connect with women who work in your field, go to your school, live in your area, or share your interests. We have circles going on education, disabilities, mentorship, and career changes. Help us get one started in your area of work or interest!

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