Circles of Women in Leadership

SC WIL Lean In Circles of Women are geographic, professional, or issue based groups of women from all backgrounds, who come together to network, learn, mentor, and support each other. We are taking what we have seen on the ground–that many women want to serve and make a positive impact in their communities, but are unsure about how to get started or what opportunities are available, and partnering with Lean In to help women overcome barriers to leadership by reaching, supporting, training, and building networks from where they are in their leadership journey. Circles are about women helping women and are designed to provide women a place to open up, be unapologetically ambitious, and find purpose.

Through our partnerships, we increase the expertise in addressing barriers to leadership women face and expand the reach of our collective resources. The first step in the leadership journey for many women will be to serve in formal and informal leadership roles in their local community. Leveraging our relationships across the state and members’ shared resources, Circles provide specific opportunities for their members, such as:

  • information about open positions on local boards and commissions
  • training and professional development opportunities
  • making connections that can help with their leadership journey
  • meeting new people who share your interests 

Filling the pipeline to leadership with qualified women must start at the ground level. We cannot expect women to overcome institutional, socio-economic, and cultural barriers to leadership without first building the confidence, networks, and skill sets to do so.

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