Types of Circles

SC WIL believes it is important to build connections with other women in your community– whatever community means to you. Engage with other women who have something in common with you, and help each other grow and thrive. 

Find a way to connect through our five types of Circles: Geographic, Professional, Interest, Collegiate, and Civic. See below for more details on each type. Look at our current Circles list, where you can sort by type. 


Sometimes you just need your own space and time away from work, family, and obligations. A place where you can decompress, open up, and come away energized. Our Geographic Circles bring together women from the same region. Each Circle has its own set of goals derived from the shared goals of Circle members. During meetings you will be able to:

  • Share your collective resources to help one another succeed
  • Network with women in your area
  • Learn about events and trainings
  • Discover new leadership opportunities
  • Find supportive accountability for the goals you set

We have 9 different geographic regions. 

Find a Circle in your area or start your own.


The C suites of the business world are still dominated by men. We’re doing our best to correct that, but we can’t do it alone. A coalition of change is needed. 

Professional Circles bring together women who work in the same field, so you can:

  • Network with those in your industry
  • Share tips and tricks of the trade 
  • Learn about new resources
  • Receive support and advice from women who know what you’re experiencing
  • Help one another get a leg up and break up the good ol’ boys club 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, healthcare professional, artist, lawyer, or educator, you can find or start a Circle for women in your profession. 


What drives you? Is it a social justice issue, a hobby, a challenge in your life, or something else? Chances are, you’re not alone. Through our Interest Circles, you’ll be able to connect with other women in the state who share your passion. 

Our Interest Circles are highly customizable. Whether you’re looking to

  • Come up with policy ideas for lawmakers to address the gap in services available to the disabled
  • Meet with a career coach and other women who are going through a moment of career transition
  • Learn how to network effectively, become a mentor, and better support the women in your life

You’ll be able to find support from others who are going through the same thing. If there’s an issue at the center of your world you want to further explore, Interest Circles are for you.


If we want to balance the scales of power, it isn’t enough to just focus on women in the workforce. We must look to the next generation. We must ensure that young women don’t lose their momentum after graduation and are still able to chase their dreams of running for office, going to grad school, or commanding the business world. 

That’s why we’ve created our Collegiate Circles. Collegiate Circles are for undergraduates or graduate students within the same higher education institution led by a faculty or staff advisor and a student Circle Leader. Once a month you’ll meet to:

  • Connect with events, internships, and professional organizations that are relevant to you
  • Engage in group mentorship  with your faculty/staff leader and each other
  • Hear from guest speakers who can share their wisdom and inspiration
  • Learn new skills to address concerns you may have like how to build a strong resume or excel in an interview 

Collegiate Circles are for all higher education institutions in South Carolina including public and private colleges and universities, technical colleges, graduate schools, and HBCUs.

HBCU Circles are important because inclusivity is a model that is followed in South Carolina Women in Leadership. Historically Black Colleges and Universities serve a core purpose for the community and making sure circles are created for students at HBCU campuses display balancing the scale of power. 

HBCUs have been able to shape the lives of black students going back decades. HBCUs also create curriculums that take into account a social and historical aspect. In today’s world, Historically Black Colleges and Universities are producing world-class talent and within this talent is a disproportionate amount of young women. HBCUs are creating a new generation of young women who are ready for leadership. HBCU Circles will meet once a month to:

  • Work on career advancement opportunities
  • Create avenues for mentorship for the young ladies
  • Hear from community leaders
  • Learn more about internship opportunities
  • Learn more about higher education goals and metrics

See if there’s a Circle at your school or start one today!


The Civic Circles Program is a signature outreach and civic engagement program which is a multi-pronged program that focuses on increasing civic and local engagement in minority, women, and small business communities. 

The Civic Circles Program seeks to increase the volunteer and mobilization capacity of South Carolina Women Lead through layered targeted and outreach program goals that reach outlined goals as part of the program. Program targeting includes constituency group targets. Constituency groups include, but not limited to: 

  • Women of all ethnicities and races
  • Barber Shops/Beauty Salons in rural areas
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Citizens/Police Advisory Boards
  • Faith and Church Groups
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Greek Organizations

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