Circles FAQs

What are Circles?
SC WIL Circles are communities in South Carolina that aim to move the state forward by informing, connecting, and engaging women of diverse backgrounds to increase the influence of women in our state from the ground up. These communities meet regularly to share ideas and issues with each other, increase leadership training, discuss regional activities and current events, and support the women leading our communities, state, and nation.

What is expected of Circles members?
SC WIL Circles are what you make of them. Membership in a Circle can range from attending meetings only, to collaborating in our private Facebook groups, to leading a Circle. Your involvement is what you make of it! No matter how much time you have to commit to a Circle, we’d love to have you.

How are Circles grouped?
SC WIL has three types of Circles- geographical, professional, and issue. Our geographical Circles are grouped into nine regions. Professional Circles are for women who want to connect with others in their fields. Our issue Circles bring women together to learn about and grow around a particular subject area. As we move forward, we aim to expand Circles into two very important spaces: the collegiate space and the professional space. We will have information about how to join Circles at the collegiate level soon!

How do Circles meet?
Currently, all interaction is virtual. That makes it easier for us to share information while operating remotely. Informational meetings are generally hosted via Zoom and scheduled with calendar invitations. Circles may transition to in-person meetings when all members feel comfortable doing so.

How are Circles led?
Each Circle has a Circle Leader who helps facilitate meetings, encourages Circle Members engagement, and works with SC WIL staff to pick meeting resources tailored to their Circle. Circle Leaders are supported by Circle Coordinators who advise and recruit Circle Leaders and serve as liaisons between Circles and the community. You can inquire about becoming a coordinator through the Join Now link.

How can I join a Circle?
Please fill out the below and you’ll receive more information about your Circle soon after!

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