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Run sisters, run: Calling on America’s sheroes

The Grio That’s why I’m calling on all my sisters to take action. Don’t just #RunforMaud—run for elected office! During these unprecedented times of historic unemployment and economic upheaval, help get out the vote and elect women to guarantee our seats at the table. Our children need you. America needs you. Read More>>>

Five things to know about women and South Korea’s 2020 elections

The Washington Post South Korea was the first country to hold national elections amid the coronavirus pandemic. The election drew a high level of global attention, as other countries no doubt wondered how the pandemic would affect their own upcoming elections. Read More>>>

Do women lead differently during a crisis?

NBC News If more governments and companies were led by women, would the world be better prepared for this global pandemic? Far fewer women lead countries, run governments, and manage major institutions. Women comprise 25 percent of parliaments around the world, 20 women hold the position as head of state or government out of 193 nations, and 6 percent of …

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The COVID-19 Paradigm Shift—From Values To Careers To Whole Economies

The 1918 pandemic. The Great Depression. World War II. September 11, 2001. COVID-19. Paradigm shifts come along maybe once in a generation. They create a profound realignment across the globe, across industries, across economies and across populations. As the famed physicist Thomas Kuhn defined it in his seminal 1962 book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, …

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Doing the “Next Right Things”

For most of my professional life, I’ve been a single mother of three beautiful children.  I grew up in a lovely and beautiful small town in middle Georgia, a town where the traffic lights start blinking at night because so few cars are on the road.  A town where people live in their same homes …

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