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SC State Senator Tameika Isaac Devine Sworn Into Office

The swearing-in ceremony for State Senator-elect Tameika Isaac Devine happened at 4 p.m. Monday. The ceremony took place in the Senate chamber on the second floor of the State House with Chief Justice Beatty officiating.

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South Carolina Women Struggle to Get Seat at Table in Legislature

Originally published by Claire Carter for Carolina News and Reporter Women make up 51.3% of South Carolina’s population. But they’re only 14.7% of the state’s legislators. Across the country, state legislatures tend to…

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SC Women Have Little Say in State Government. This Group Has a Plan to Change That.

It’s no small secret South Carolina women have little voice in state affairs.  It was national news in 2016 when the number of women in the state Senate quadrupled — from one to four. That figure will have increased by just two members at the start of the 2024 legislative session.  Women make up a little more than half the state’s population, yet they comprise less than 15 percent of the state Legislature. That ranks South Carolina among the bottom three nationally for women representation in state government.

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S.C. Needs More Women in Public Office

If there’s one thing you hear more these days from women across South Carolina, it’s this: “I am sick and tired of men telling us what to do – what to do with our bodies, what to do with our brains, what to do with our lives.” So more women are getting active. If they win more elections, South Carolina will be better off.