Marjorie Hammock

(1936-) Marjorie Hammock was born in Atlanta Georgia and moved to Connecticut with her parents as part of the Great Migration. She studied social structure through her time as a …

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Darla Moore

(1954-)  Darla Moore has built herself into one of the most prominent names in business in the South. She is the first woman to be profiled on Fortune magazine’s cover …

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Irene Trowell-Harris

(1939-)  After growing up picking cotton with her family, Irene Trowell-Harris found a different calling for herself and became a nurse at her community college. Her church gathered money to …

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Nikki Haley

(1972-)  Nikki Haley was born in Bamberg South Carolina and received a bachelor’s degree from Clemson University. In 1998, Haley joined the board of directors for Orangeburg’s Chamber of Commerce …

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Carrie Pollitzer

(1881-1974)  Carrie Pollitzer was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1881. Carrie worked hard and graduated from Memminger Normal School and studied at Columbia Teacher’s College in New York City …

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Eulalie Chafee Salley

(1883-1975)  Eulalie Chafee Salley grew up on a plantation home, was educated, and she was able to attend Virginia’s Mary Baldwin College and Converse College for one year each. She …

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