Teachers Know What’s Wrong with America

The new school year is upon us. Just think how different our public education system would be if more educators sat on local school boards. What if half of our state legislators and representatives in Congress were former teachers and school administrators, instead of lawyers and millionaires? Public school teachers see first hand the inequality …

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Still Walking the Line

Likeability has been part of current political discourse, largely directed at female candidates. It’s no secret that women often walk a tightrope, especially in traditionally male arenas. The “soft” qualities attributed to women, such as empathy and nurturing, are accepted as appropriate for females in the workplace, but a woman who is assertive, direct, and …

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Close the Pay Gap!

August 26th is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which means black women had to work all of 2018 and until August 26, 2019 to catch up with what white men were paid in 2018 alone. The fact is: regardless of their occupation, level of education, or years of experience, black women are still paid 39% …

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The Unsettling Truth

If you are a white man, you have an excellent chance of being elected/appointed to a governing board at one of South Carolina’s 10 public universities. If you are a woman, however, don’t get your hopes up.  Here are the unsettling numbers, as compiled last month by  the governing boards of South Carolina’s public …

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What 60 Years of Political Gerrymandering Looks Like

Many states, like South Carolina, enshrine incumbency protection in traditional districting principles. Formally that means not pairing incumbents in a district. That also means you ensure that incumbents live in “their” redrawn district. However, population changes can force drawing incumbents into the same district.  A dozen states prohibit intentionally favoring or disfavoring incumbents at the …

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