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The State of Women in Tech – And Why We Need You!

The reasons women remain severely underrepresented in technology & coding careers are vast & varied. From systemic differences in how girls & boys are parented or taught from a young age, to the conscious or unconscious biases that continue to proliferate in the technology industry & workplace. Throw on top of that, a worldwide pandemic which forced 5.4 million women out of the workforce and the situation can feel somewhat dire. But there’s good news, I promise! 

While the COVID-19 pandemic set the number of women in the workforce back to rates equal to 1988, it also changed the way the world sees “work”. Remote-first & flexible schedules are now the default for many organizations, making the technology industry more accessible to women –  especially those who are balancing work and being a mother or caregiver. Additionally, as the unemployment rate for the technology industry drops to record lows, organizations are opening their doors to candidates with non-traditional education backgrounds (i.e. no more degree requirements!). Couple that with the recognition that South Carolina will be unable to solve their labor shortages without the re-engagement of women in the workforce and opportunities begin to flourish!

If you’re interested in learning to code and joining an industry that’s high-growth & high-wage there are many ways you can begin learning on your own schedule, for FREE! 

SC Codes is a resource dedicated to lowering barriers for individuals interested in learning the skills necessary to become a software developer. Become a Woman in Tech & start learning today! 

Kaity Miller

Program Director

SC Codes & Develop Carolina

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