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My Time to Serve Has Come

Nothing special has happened.

More hours haven’t been magically added to my day.

My father is still in a nursing home and I am still his primary point of contact.

I still work full time… and part time… and have a business.

I’m still a daughter, sister, best friend, auntie.

I still have two dogs (and 8 chickens) that must be fed, watered, and bellies scratched daily.

Nothing has changed. I’m just ready to answer the call to serve.

The other day, my employer, Diane Sumpter, forwarded to me an email from WIL about giving back to the community by serving on public boards. It wasn’t a new email. I’ve seen it before. After all, I’m on the email list. This time, it hit just a little differently. It was clear that my time to serve has come. 

 So, I am stating publicly that I will begin the process to serve on a South Carolina board. There are so many openings and women are so dearly needed… I am certain I can find the best place for me to give my time and talent. And I encourage you to do the same.

Life isn’t going to suddenly get easier. You will always be busy. But serving the community will always be worth the time and effort. Please join me!

-Teowonna Clifton

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