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Every Vote Matters, Especially in a Local Runoff!

Every election cycle you hear “every vote matters”! I can tell you from personal experience how relevant these words are, especially in local elections. In local runoff elections, the stakes are even higher.

In 2020, during the peak of COVID, I filed to run in a special election for Richland County District 9. With only six weeks to campaign and reach voters, I had to make sure I engaged every possible voter, in an effort to earn their vote. With four candidates vying for the vacant seat, it was unlikely that anyone would receive over fifty percent of the vote in the special election. My goal was to make it to the runoff and thankfully I did. There were two weeks to campaign between the special election and runoff and I campaigned hard. Ultimately, the work paid off and I won the runoff election by 46 votes!

That’s right, 46 votes allowed me to serve the second largest County in South Carolina.

South Carolina primaries were held Tuesday, June 14, and several races will move to a runoff election on June 28.

Results of local elections impact voters on a daily basis from your taxes to the cost of trash removal. It’s important for voters to return to the polls for runoff elections.

3 Ways to Participate in a Runoff Election

  1. Vote early and take a friend or neighbor
  2. Remind your church group, sorority or PTA friends of the date of the runoff election and how important it is to vote again
  3. Share precinct and voting information with family/friends and on your social media channels

Trust me— your vote really does matter! Voting in a runoff election is just as powerful as voting in a primary or general election.

I’m forever grateful to all those that voted in the 2020 primary, special and runoff election! I continue to work hard to make you proud.

Please exercise your right to vote in the runoff on Tuesday, June 28.

Jesica Mackey
Richland County Council Vice Chair
District 9

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