With Renewed Focus On State Powers, More Women Are Running For Governor

The number of female governors may finally hit double digits after the upcoming midterm elections. Currently, nine women hold the office — six Democrats and three Republicans. And an influx of women running for governor could push that number up considerably.


World’s female foreign ministers meet to back Iranians

Canada’s foreign minister vowed to support “the incredibly brave women of Iran” as she hosted a virtual meeting with her female counterparts around the world to discuss the crackdown against protesters in Iran. “No longer…


Top UN official decries global trampling of women’s rights

The trampling of women’s rights and “deeply ingrained misogyny” are connected in many ways to today’s global challenges, from the proliferation of conflicts to increasing assaults on human rights, the U.N. deputy secretary-general said Thursday.


How Confidence Is Weaponized Against Women

Women are regularly exhorted to demonstrate self-confidence as a strategy to progress their careers, raise their pay, and become more successful at work. Self-help guides commend women to “lean in” to reach their goals, “stand…

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Why Bolivia’s Lawmakers are 50% Women

Despite historic gains in the past two congressional elections in the US, women hold just 27% of the seats. As Americans prepare to reshape Congress in the midterms, could Bolivia inspire change?


5 Things To Know From Top Women In Leadership

History is being written as women in Iran take center stage, protesting one of the mainstays of the country’s mandates: the hijab. For some, the hijab is a symbol of oppression, for others, it’s a…


Dawn Staley earns Billie Jean King Leadership Award

The Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) presented South Carolina women’s basketball head coach Dawn Staley with the Billie Jean King Leadership Award presented by Y. Michele Kang at its Annual Salute to Women in Sports Wednesday night in New York.


Older Women Voters Hold the Power in the US Midterms

Women over 50 often complain that western society treats them as invisible — not to mention irrelevant. But according to new polling from AARP, the leading US organisation for people 50 and over, older women…