Nikki Haley’s Résumé Is Perfect. It Might Not Matter.

Last month, I listened to my former colleagues on Slate’s “Political Gabfest” podcast discuss Nikki Haley after she declared her run for president. John Dickerson, also of CBS News, explained that in a pre-Donald Trump…

News, Reduce Polarization

Matthew Levendusky’s ‘Our Common Bonds’

A new book by Levendusky, a political science professor in the School of Arts & Sciences shows that, although there is no simple solution that will eradicate partisan animosity, there are concrete interventions that can reduce it.


It Starts With Her, Macy’s campaign for Women’s History Month

Through its continued partnership with Girls, Inc. and in keeping with its commitment to expanding diverse businesses, Macy’s will be highlighting women-owned brands throughout March as part of its It Starts With Her campaign. Girls Inc.


Viewpoint: Protecting Women Politicians from Online Abuse

Women who break the glass ceiling in politics are often depicted as disrupting the long-standing patriarchal structures that have traditionally kept women away from the public eye. The stereotypical “ideal” politician is usually based on…


How Women Are Transforming Leadership for Climate Justice

Climate change impacts girls and women differently than boys and men: over 80% of people displaced due to climate change are female. Women are stepping up to combat climate change in ways the men before them haven’t.


What Is Female Leadership And Why Do We Need It?

International Women’s Day and Equal Pay Day resurface topics about the inequality between men and women in the workplace, how the mental load is not equally distributed and how little women are still on boards…