Appointed Office

Not all offices are elected. There are important roles for citizens to play on appointed boards and commissions, the members of which are selected differently. SC Women in Leadership is pleased to offer information about appointed positions at the local and state level for your consideration. We call this offering the Governmental Appointment Projects, or GAP. We encourage you to review the lists carefully and consider applying.

Local boards and commissions are advisory or regulatory groups that work with cities and counties. Regulatory groups set licensing standards and professional requirements for members. Advisory groups provide guidance to the program or agency with which they are affiliated. Board and commission members are unpaid volunteers. Examples of local boards or commissions include Planning and Zoning, Libraries, Health, and Compensation.  See MatchBoard for many cities and counties who are adopting an innovative digital platform.

Joining local boards and commissions now can help to open future leadership possibilities to other women in your area. 


SC Women in Leadership is working with Governor Henry McMaster to to recruit women of all backgrounds and perspectives for statewide leadership positions, guide them through the application process, and then deliver categorized expressions of interest to the Governor’s office as openings arise. Here’s how the Gubernatorial Appointments Project (GAP) works:

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