Action Needed Immediately: Census Counting to End Early

It was abruptly announced this week that the Census Bureau will cut short critical door-knocking efforts for the 2020 census in September, not October as previously announced. “It’s going to be impossible to complete the count in time,” said one of the bureau employees, an area manager who oversees local census offices. “I’m very fearful we’re going to have a massive undercount.”

At this time, SC ranks 44th in the nation with respect to residents counted. That means our State will lose huge amounts of Federal funds for education, healthcare, highways, broadband, and more. If you or an office of your company signs this letter by tomorrow – yes, August 6 is the deadline – the Bureau of the Census may change its mind, much as it did earlier this year on the plan to add a citizenship question to the forms. The CEO or other officer of an organization can sign the letter online at this link.

Here’s What You Can Do Going Forward

About 4 out of 10 households have still not been counted, and self-response rates are very low in some communities. We must get the word out to our communities that if they have not completed the census yet, they must do so immediately. It is unclear how much longer households can self submit data by going online, over the phone or by mail. The bureau’s website previously listed the last date to self report as October 31, but now reads “that phase will last until the end of field data collection”. With time running out and we’re not sure how long the clock will keep ticking, we must act now.

Thus far, only one county out of 46 in South Carolina has met the 2010 self-response rate. Congratulations, McCormick County! For the rest of us, we are at risk of going without critically needed resources unless we secure a complete count.

If you haven’t completed your census, visit to fill it out today.

Be sure to encourage your friends, family, neighbors and community members to complete it as well. Tell a friend! Tell 10 friends!

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