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Local boards and commissions are vital bodies that help county and city governments develop policy, make decisions, and create a better community for citizens. Board and commission members are unpaid volunteers. Examples of local boards or commissions include planning commissions, library boards, and tax review boards.

The South Carolina Women’s Leadership Network (SC WIL) has been working to broaden diversity of gender, race, and perspective on city, county, and state boards and commissions since its founding. The process of aggregating information from 271 cities and towns, 46 counties, and innumerable state boards has been laborious and illuminating. To achieve our goal of increasing the visibility of opportunities for public service, our staff communicates with city and county clerks, scours websites, and reviews council minutes update data presently housed in many different systems. Visit the links below to find opportunities to serve where you live. Joining local boards and commissions now can help to open future leadership possibilities to other women in your area.

Curious about SC WIL’s efforts to modernize and streamline the boards and commissions appointment process in your community? Learn more about MatchBoard – a project of SC WIL.