Our Mission

Build Racial & Gender Representation from the Ground Up
Lack of diverse representation in leadership limits the ability to harness the insight, knowledge and solution-creation for communities statewide. Persistent underrepresentation of women remains a challenge at all levels of public service, from local to federal service – and even more so for women of color, who must overcome both racism and sexism to succeed.

Through activating geographical and professional Circles networks, creating and encouraging groups at the community level to become informed and involved in civic activities, and connecting women of dissimilar backgrounds with opportunities of interest, SC WIL commits to improving the balance of racial and gender equality at all levels of service.

Increase the Collective Influence of Women in Leadership
Women get things done. SCWIL will strengthen their skills and networks to increase impact.
Through Circle networks, training, and collaborative support, SCWIL will challenge and prepare women in formal and informal leadership to tackle the pressing issues in our communities.

While we have different political beliefs and live in an era of unprecedented polarization, women have demonstrated the ability to identify common goals, collaborate, and work together on key issues to improve communities. SC WIL is dedicated to increasing relationships, alliances and collaborations to get things done in our State.

SC Women In Leadership d/b/a WIL is a multi-partisan organization that promotes democracy by encouraging women to become informed about public issues and active in the public debate. WIL helps all those who express interest to find resources for information on those issues. WIL does not endorse particular views, legislation, or candidates for public office.

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