Major goals for 2019-2022:

  • Involve women in the dialogue to ensure Fair Voting. Provide information and opportunities for dialogue and advocacy about reducing gerrymandering, equitable redistricting and voting process/equipment improvement.
  • Encourage women to Fill the Pipeline by connecting women to opportunities, resources, information about running for office and referral to resources to help them win.
  • Engage women in a multi-partisan, non-polarized approach to community policy by encouraging listening, civil language, and consensus-building

The opportunity for involved women to engage in leadership is high. Every seat in the S.C. and U.S. House of Representatives is open in 2020. So is every seat in the S.C. Senate. Elections for school board seats and for city and county offices will be held throughout the state.

The improvement in the approach to voting is urgent. We understand that a fair and transparent voting process is essential to Democracy.

Discussions about transformation options are underway around the State. SC needs informed women active in advocating for changes necessary for trust in the voting process and its outcomes.

The willingness to seek common ground and work across differences is essential to our future. Women have a history of using a cooperative approach to solve collective challenges. It is time to recreate communities where shared values and collaboration are used to solve difficult issues.

Women working together can make The Palmetto State a better place to live and work. Women working together will get things done. Join us as we drive change in South Carolina to create communities for our children and our children’s children’s future.

We are women, and women get things done. Join us in our effort to drive change in South Carolina!

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