The Pathways to Leadership Fund was created to honor Dr. Suzan D. Boyd, a model of the impact one woman can have while following her own unique course and to help underwrite events that encourage South Carolina women to gain skills and participate in diverse types of leadership. Meet Dr. Boyd.

The Dr. Suzan D. Boyd Pathways to Leadership Fund takes its name from a woman who created her own roadmap, relentlessly drove organizations to succeed, and constantly urged others to do the same.

The objective of this fund is to capture Dr. Boyd’s enthusiasm for helping others gain confidence and skills and to share her kind of inclusive thinking through a statewide, multi-partisan network of women. The primary method to achieve these goals will be through a continuing series of seminars, conferences, and workshops to help women build confidence and skills to break the barriers they face when seeking leadership positions.

The fund is supported by generous gifts of $5,000 or greater annually from individuals and organizations. 

SC WIL has evolved our approach to personal and professional development to meet the new reality of physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to continue bringing women to the decision-making table, we have recently offered the following virtual training opportunities. 

Be a Virtual Boss (April, 2020)
Online training empower hour with tips to lead an effective meeting online. Expert panelists discussed best practices for organizations to have effective virtual meetings. Discussion was followed by a Q&A with attendees. Approximately 100 participants. 

SpringBoard (May, 2020)
Four-part virtual conference presented by Bank of America to help individuals gain the confidence and knowledge to step forward and seek positions of power and influence on local, state, and non-profit boards and commissions. Approximately 125 participants.

Pathways to Power (July/August, 2020) 
In partnership with She Should Run, SCWIL is hosting a two-part workshop, PATHWAYS TO POWER to encourage women to develop and implement a personal plan to activate their leadership. This two-part virtual workshop is a coaching foundation to concretely identify strengths and a guidebook for activating them in their community.  Women have been reluctant to run for office or explore other leadership possibilities for a number of complicated personal and systemic reasons. This is an opportunity to explore and plan for ways to serve and lead.

July Book Club (July 2020)
SC Women in Leadership is excited to present the first meeting of our monthly Virtual Book Club with digital detox expert and author Holland Haiis. Haiss’ book, Consciously Connecting: A Simple Process to Reconnect in a Disconnected World, is a step-by-step guide to enriching your relationships with others, taking action to connect to the world around you, and to your inner self in this age of technology. The author will share insights about the book and take participants through an interactive exercise around the book’s July theme of embracing your independence to propel your life in a forward direction.

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SC Women In Leadership d/b/a WIL is a multi-partisan organization that promotes democracy by encouraging women to become informed about public issues and active in the public debate. WIL helps all those who express interest to find resources for information on those issues. WIL does not endorse particular views, legislation, or candidates for public office.