Rev. Tiffany Knowlin-Boykin: A Modern Day Woman of Faith

Rev. Tiffany Knowlin-Boykin

I met this dynamic woman during one of the most emotional and personal times of my life, the passing of my beloved mother. She gently guided our family and presided over her service with warmth, assuredness and care. I was impressed and my interest was piqued even more when I saw how her parishioners adored her. How she gave full attention to each person with whom she spoke.

This modern-day woman of the cloth is so much more than meets the eye.  She is the first female, first African-American and first person under 30 years old to pastor the historic College Place United Methodist Church in Columbia, SC. She is a fierce advocate for the homeless and the poor. She said, “We are all God’s children, and we cannot criminalize or demonize being poor. Rather, Scripture calls us to be advocates for those who live on the very margins of life. I do not believe it is enough to merely preach to people on Sunday morning; instead I believe it is my responsibility to be concerned with the everyday lives of those I may or may not preach to on Sunday,” adding that she is concerned with issues of justice and advocacy. “I believe the church is called to transform the lives of God’s people by helping to better their lives.”  

We need more forward-thinking young women of faith like Rev. Knowlin-Boykin, who are preaching the wonderment of hope and the blessing of service to the least among us. She may even change my mind about organized religion.

Tiffany and her husband, Kareem are newlyweds of less than a year.

Debora Lloyd is a community activist and professional fundraiser. She works daily to encourage women to step into leadership roles.

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