A message from our founder

A few years back – quite a few – I was a entrepreneur in the women’s apparel business. Thanks to a Midwestern upbringing (“idle hands are the devil’s workshop”), my team and I combined hard work and a customer-centric business concept to build a great business that 20+ years later people still talk about.

But I was the lone ranger. Media folks would call me for comments on business happenings and then ask me to refer them to other women in similar positions. As much as I wanted to share the honor, there were few other women business leaders – next to none – in SC.

  • There were no bank presidents like Kim Wilkerson;
  • No successful corporate CEOs like Lou Wood Kennedy;
  • No women like JoAnn Turnquist running multi-million dollar community foundations;
  • There were no women in the South Carolina Senate.

It’s time we change that.

The absence of peers stuck with me. I became driven to help women gain the confidence and abilities to lead. The result of that memory is SC Women in Leadership (SCWIL), a multi-partisan organization with a mission of moving South Carolina forward – politically, socially, economically, educationally, and environmentally – through information, connection and engagement of women in political and policy leadership. We WIL work to inform fair voting, encourage women to run for office, and reduce polarization.

Spend some time on our website and give us your feedback. We are building a living hub of information. Each week we will add new resources to inform, inspire, and involve more people.

Our goal: democratize the process.  Join us!.

Most sincerely,
Barbara Rackes
President, SC Women in Leadership

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