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Thank you for joining the 51% Club! Together we WIL work to see more women in leadership in South Carolina. Please consider sharing the following posts on your social media accounts to encourage others to join us in our mission. Feel free to tweak the caption if you’d prefer to add a personal note about why you’re choosing to give. Don’t forget to tag us (@scwomenlead) and use the suggested list of hashtags so that we can share your content. We appreciate your support!

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Copy the caption below for your social media posts:

Did you know that women make up 51% of South Carolina’s population but only 17% of decision making power in our state legislature? I joined SC Women in Leadership’s 51% Club because I want to help change this. 

Women deserve equal representation on appointed public boards and commissions and elected office in SC, so I call on you to help us work to see a change. The 51% Club is a monthly giving program that supports WIL’s mission. Plus, members receive benefits including merch, complimentary training and event registrations, and more. If you’re interested in joining me in our fight for equal representation, sign up here— https://bit.ly/3IgHVsm

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Tag us! @scwomenlead


Thank you for supporting WIL’s mission by joining the 51% Club! Now that you’re on board to get more women in leadership, we would love it if you could encourage others to do the same. If you feel inclined to share an authentic message with your friends and family, it would help us in our effort to spread our mission. We are making progress in South Carolina, but it takes resources to change a lifetime of patterns. We hope that you can share why you support our cause in an effort to encourage others to do the same.

The video should be no more than 15-30 seconds and can be recorded on your phone and should be in landscape orientation. Please make sure you have good lighting and sound quality. This doesn’t have to be professional quality- just authentic and well-recorded so that people can hear your message.

Potential talking points:

  • “Women are just 17% of South Carolina’s legislature which is making important decisions for 51% of the population…..”
  • “If you want to see more women in decision-making positions, join me in supporting SC WIL….”
  • “I support WIL because…”
  • “It’s important that we get more women in office because…”
  • “I have seen WIL’s work in action through…”
  • “When you choose to support WIL, you are…”

See an example here