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15 Ways Executive Women Can Help Other Women Move into the C-Suite

In spite of recent gains, men still significantly outnumber women in the C-suite. However, more and more women have “broken the glass ceiling” and are leveraging their talent as senior executives in companies across industries.

Women who have already moved into the C-suite are in a unique position to help those who are still climbing the corporate ladder reach their goals for advancing in their careers. Here, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss various ways executive women can help other female professionals move up to the senior executive level within their companies in 2022.

  1. Share The Highs and Lows Of Your Story

Sharing the highs and lows of your personal story is a powerful way to inspire others. The use of anecdotes and key defining moments can act as an enabler for those who may be looking for a mentor or inspirational figure they can point toward. – Claudine Reid, PJ’s Community Service

  1. Be Generous With Helpful Information

Be even more generous with information regarding compensation, mistakes, regrets, success secrets and so on. Speak to other women—on your team, in your family and in your community—in a way that demonstrates you believe they will be C-suite members. Continue to build strong relationships with current and rising male leaders to further leverage your influence and advocacy. – Cheri Bachofer, Forwarding Leaders

  1. Be Aware Of Internalized Oppression

Internalized oppression can unknowingly make women who have “broken the glass ceiling” less likely to support other women in doing the same. Women can hold other women to a higher standard than they might hold men versus actively encouraging and guiding them to rise. Start with self-reflection: How does internalized bias affect who you promote and who gets high-visibility projects? – Janine Davis, Evolution


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