Your Vote Counts!

Your Vote Counts!


There is a long road to achieving better redistricting. We need, and have begun work on:


  • Development of a communication network for concerned groups and individuals
  • LTEs and Op-eds
  • Public forums and panels
  • Social media
  • Presentations at several levels of detail for public forums and events
  • Lectures to interested groups
  • Educational handouts


  • Advocating legislation to establish:
  • An independent redistricting commission, which could take one of a range of forms;
  • Well defined redistricting criteria that exclude incumbent protection and partisan advantage as redistricting criteria and that define the “communities of interest” criterion clearly so that this does not become a “wild card” that justifies any desired result.

Direct advocacy during the redistricting process including:

  • Development of independent maps reflecting our goals
  • Testimony and lobby efforts
  • Continued public education
  • Ideally the redistricting process will lead to maps that all can accept as not biased to achieve partisan or personal goals, but if necessary, we will undertake court challenges
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