All South Carolinians find their passion to make the state a wonderful place to live.

Opening doors to make a difference in South Carolina.

Human beings are “wired” to make their corner of the world a better place. We start with our family and our homes, then move to our neighborhood and our larger community. While we may have different approaches in our efforts to improve our community, we all strive to make our communities better. Building on the principles of democracy, social justice, and equality, SC Women in Leadership recognizes individuals’ need to make a difference. Conversely, we recognize that there are formal and informal groups based on the same principles that are seeking people who share their common beliefs. The purpose of this site is to connect the two with the overall goal of making our state and the people who live in it stronger, healthier, and safer.

To people who will use the site:
SC Women in Leadership strives to connect people across our state to both formal and informal organizations to enhance SC and the lives of people who live here. Through this hub of organizations, you can find a group that needs you! These groups need volunteers, they need your passion on behalf of their cause and they need your energy. Select your areas of interest to find organizations in your community that need you NOW! Give your time and energy to make South Carolina a wonderful place to live.

To organizations who will post on this site:
SC Women in Leadership provides an opportunity for people to connect with your organization. By connecting your website to this one, people who are interested in your mission, your programs, and your events can easily “find” you. We believe that making it easier for people to learn about your dreams for the state, people will volunteer with the ultimate result of a stronger, more engaged citizenry.

Inclusion on this website is simple! Both formal and informal organizations and groups are eligible to apply! Because our goal is connectivity and unifying our communities, organizations that promote violence in any form, inequality, or divisiveness between people should not apply to be a part of this network.

  • Does your organization or group strive to make South Carolina a better place?
  • Does your organization or group strive to enhance the quality of lives for all people in South Carolina?
  • Does your organization or group have a designated leader(s) and members?
  • Does your organization or group want to connect to like-minded South Carolinians to encourage participation in your programs, events, and advocacy?

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Once you have submitted your form and it has been reviewed, you will receive a reply from the Organizing Committee. Thank you for your interest in making South Carolina a better place to live!