We are a multi-partisan group of women whose mission is to move South Carolina forward – politically, socially, economically, educationally, and environmentally.  

To make this happen, we plan to assist forward-looking women (and some supportive men) win political office in The Palmetto State. 

We believe there are several common-ground issues that all South Carolinians can get behind, regardless of which political party they support. Examples would be improving the quality of education and health care, repairing our roads and bridges, ensuring equal pay, and protecting the environment.   

Our major goals include the following: 

  • Ensure Fair Voting (by reducing gerrymandering and focusing on redistricting and voting process/equipment issues) 
  • Fill the Pipeline (by recruiting candidates and then identifying resources and providing information and access to help them win)  
  • Reduce Polarization (by encouraging listening, civil language, and consensus-building) 

Every seat in the S.C. and U.S. House of Representatives is open in 2020.  So is every seat in the S.C. Senate as well as the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Lindsey Graham.  Elections for school board seats and for city and county offices will also be held throughout the state. 

Forward-moving women can make The Palmetto State a better place to live and work.  

 We are women, and women get things done.  Join us in our effort to drive change in South Carolina!

South Carolina Women In Leadership (SCWIL)
Post Office Box 11974 | Columbia, SC 29211

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